Gifts for Her

Beautiful, unusual gifts for the woman with everything. Have a browse of our wide selection of homeware accessories, jewellery and lifestyle products which would put a smile on any lady's face.

Gifts for Her
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  1. Pom Pom Star Light


  2. Mini Punk Hoop Gold...


    Mini Punk Hoop Gold Earrings by Rachel Jackson

  3. Sunray Silver Stud Earrings...


    Sunray Silver Stud Earrings by Rachel Jackson

  4. Sunrays Gold Necklace by Rachel Jackson


  5. Sunrays Silver Necklace by...


    Sunrays Silver Necklace by Rachel Jackson

  6. Triple Hexagon Gold...


    Triple Hexagon Gold Necklace by Rachel Jackson

  7. Art Deco Gold Letter...

    £41.00 - £45.00

    Art Deco Gold Letter Necklaces by Rachel Jackson

  8. Medium Punk Hoop Gold...


    Medium Punk Hoop Gold Earrings by Rachel Jackson

  9. Multi-Coloured Pom Pom Light Up Garland


  10. Pom Pom Magnets


  11. Bambi Snow Globe


  12. Brass Palm Tree Hook


  13. Eskimo Glitterball


  14. Eternal Sun Mini Hoop...


    Eternal Sun Mini Hoop Earrings in Silver by Rachel Jackson

  15. Leopard Snow Globe


  16. Medium Gold Hexagon Hoop...


    Medium Gold Hexagon Hoop Earrings by Rachel Jackson

  17. Mini Punk Hoop Silver...


    Mini Punk Hoop Silver Earrings by Rachel Jackson

  18. Minimal Copper Alarm Clock...


    Minimal Copper Alarm Clock with White Face

  19. Minimal Gold Alarm Clock...


    Minimal Gold Alarm Clock with White Face

  20. Pair of Pink Champagne Coupes