Gifts for Her

Beautiful, unusual gifts for the woman with everything. Have a browse of our wide selection of homeware accessories, jewellery and lifestyle products which would put a smile on any lady's face.

Gifts for Her
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  1. Green Ceramic Candle Holder...


    Green Ceramic Candle Holder by Madam Stoltz

  2. Sandqvist Hege Bag Black


  3. Sandqvist Alva Black Bag


  4. Sandqvist Arne Bag Black


  5. Sandqvist Arne Bag Blue


  6. Sandqvist Erik Bag Black


  7. Sandqvist Kim Bag Black


  8. Sandqvist Kim Bag Petrol Blue


  9. Sandqvist Kim Bag Yellow


  10. Sandqvist Stig Bag Black


  11. Sandqvist Stig Bag Petrol Blue


  12. Sandqvist Stig Bag Yellow


  13. Glass Egg Timer with Black...


    Glass Egg Timer with Black Sand by Madam Stoltz

  14. Glass Egg Timer with...


    Glass Egg Timer with Mustard Sand by Madam Stoltz

  15. Glass Jewellery Box with...


    Glass Jewellery Box with Tassle by Madam Stoltz

  16. Large Amber Candle Holder...


    Large Amber Candle Holder Glass Amber L by Madam Stoltz

  17. Large Deep Blue Vase by Madam Stoltz


  18. Large Teal Candle Holder...


    Large Teal Candle Holder Glass Amber L by Madam Stoltz

  19. Medium Deep Blue Vase by Madam Stoltz


  20. Sandqvist Dante Bag Olive