Gifts for Kids & Babies

A good selection of great gifts for small children and cool presents for older kids and teens. These presents are sure to keep them entertained for a few hours at least!

Gifts for Kids & Babies
  1. T-Rex Knitted Toy

    £14.95 - £26.00

  2. Elephant Ring Holder


  3. Faux Fur Lion Head Wall Hanging


  4. Flamingo USB Mobile Charger Keyring


  5. Guinea Pig Money Box by Quail Ceramics


  6. Koala Pen Pot by Quail Ceramics


  7. Pony Baby Towel


  8. Small Faux Fur Polar Bear...


    Small Faux Fur Polar Bear Head Wall Plaque

  9. Small Koala Wall Vase by Quail Ceramics


  10. Tiger Pen Pot by Quail Ceramics