House & Home

Beautiful and eclectic range of decorative home accessories, ceramics, tableware, kitchen accessories, mirrors, lighting, cushions and throws as well as furniture and gorgeous storage. We have a wide range of modern country, vintage look and quirky pieces so we are sure you will find just the thing you have been looking for.

House & Home
  1. Glass Egg Timer with Black...


    Glass Egg Timer with Black Sand by Madam Stoltz

  2. Turquoise Stoneware Mug by Madam Stoltz


  3. Landscape Gold Hanging...


    Landscape Gold Hanging Mirror by Madam Stoltz

  4. Glass Jewellery Box with...


    Glass Jewellery Box with Tassle by Madam Stoltz

  5. Antique Brass Wine Rack by Madam Stoltz


  6. Small Turquoise Stoneware...


    Small Turquoise Stoneware Plate by Madam Stoltz

  7. Tropical Washbags


  8. Porcelain Star Nightlight


  9. Elephant Bookends


  10. Set of 3 Hexagonal Glass Trinket Boxes


  11. Zigzag Lambswool Throw


  12. Samba Lambswool Throw


  13. Set of 4 Izmir Tile Coasters


  14. Budgerigar Lamp