House & Home

Beautiful and eclectic range of decorative home accessories, ceramics, tableware, kitchen accessories, mirrors, lighting, cushions and throws as well as furniture and gorgeous storage. We have a wide range of modern country, vintage look and quirky pieces so we are sure you will find just the thing you have been looking for.

House & Home
  1. Felt Bedside Caddy


  2. Stoneware Fish Vase by Madam Stoltz


  3. Stoneware Jug Vase with...


    Stoneware Jug Vase with Handle by Madam Stoltz

  4. Stoneware Serving Bowl by Madam Stoltz


  5. Woman Imprint Vase by Madam Stoltz


  6. Teal Drinks Bottle by Built


  7. Milkshake Recipe Cup


  8. Smoothie Recipe Cup


  9. Glass Jewellery Boxes with...

    £8.95 - £10.95

    Glass Jewellery Boxes with Tassle by Madam Stoltz

  10. Antique Brass Wine Rack by Madam Stoltz


  11. Elephant Corkscrew and Bottle Opener


  12. Velvet Cushions - Medium


  13. Retro Bakelite Alarm Clocks


  14. cocktail shaker with recipe markings