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Beautiful and eclectic range of decorative home accessories, ceramics, tableware, kitchen accessories, mirrors, lighting, cushions and throws as well as furniture and gorgeous storage. We have a wide range of modern country, vintage look and quirky pieces so we are sure you will find just the thing you have been looking for.

House & Home
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  1. Dutch Plant Pot in Black


  2. Large Dutch Plant Pot in Teal


  3. Vibrant Checked Merino & Cashmere Throw


  4. Blue Green Check Merino...


    Blue Green Check Merino Cashmere Throw from John Hanly

  5. Large Velvet Cushion Moss Green (60cm)


  6. Velvet Cushions - Large


  7. Heather Mohair Throw


  8. Porcelain Star Nightlight


  9. Cashmere merino red check...


    Cashmere merino red check throw by John Hanly

  10. Budgerigar Lamp