House & Home

Beautiful and eclectic range of decorative home accessories, ceramics, tableware, kitchen accessories, mirrors, lighting, cushions and throws as well as furniture and gorgeous storage. We have a wide range of modern country, vintage look and quirky pieces so we are sure you will find just the thing you have been looking for.

House & Home
  1. Set of 4 Blue Ceramic Teacups


  2. Budgerigar Salt and Pepper...


    Budgerigar Salt and Pepper Shakers by Quail

  3. Guinea Pig Salt and Pepper...


    Guinea Pig Salt and Pepper Shakers by Quail

  4. Hand Painted Bulldog Egg Cup by Quail


  5. Hand Painted Hedgehog Egg Cup by Quail


  6. Hand Painted Panther Egg Cup by Quail


  7. Hand Painted Rhino Egg Cup by Quail


  8. Small Stoneware Face Vase


  9. Large Velvet Cushion Moss Green (60cm)


  10. Velvet Cushions - Large


  11. Banana Leaves Print Cushion


  12. Watermelon Hanging Decoration


  13. Koala Pen Pot by Quail Ceramics


  14. Tiger Pen Pot by Quail Ceramics


  15. Glass Jewellery Boxes with...

    £8.95 - £10.95

    Glass Jewellery Boxes with Tassle by Madam Stoltz

  16. Rhino Wall Vase by Quail Ceramics


  17. Elephant Vase by Quail Ceramics


  18. Hand Painted Lion and Tiger...


    Hand Painted Lion and Tiger Egg Cups by Quail

  19. Hand Painted Zebra Jug by Quail


  20. Hand Painted Zebra Wall Vase by Quail