Bed & Bath

Wonderful accessories for the bathroom including soap dishes, bowls and attractive counter top storage. Here you will find all from contemporary pieces to vintage look designs. We are sure you will be able to find the perfect additions to your home.

Bed & Bath
  1. Black & White Striped...


    Black & White Striped Fabric Laundry Bin by House Doctor

  2. Grid Patterned Laundry Bag...


    Grid Patterned Laundry Bag by House Doctor

  3. Tropical Washbags


  4. Elephant Ring Holder


  5. Moroccan Slippers


  6. Silk Flamingo Eyemask by Sara Miller


  7. Silk Parrot Eyemask by Sara Miller


  8. Silk Tropical Birds Eyemask...


    Silk Tropical Birds Eyemask by Sara Miller

  9. Snake Design Velvet Pouch