Here you will find our unique range of kitchen accessories, including storage jars and tins, tea towels, kitchen scales, food containers and possibly most importantly bottle openers! Great gifts for keen cooks or those that like entertaining dinner parties.

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  1. Set of 4 Measuring Jugs


  2. Mojito Muddler


  3. cocktail shaker with recipe markings


  4. Ceramic Flamingo Mug


  5. Elephant Corkscrew and Bottle Opener


  6. Glass Egg Timer with Black...


    Glass Egg Timer with Black Sand by Madam Stoltz

  7. Milkshake Recipe Cup


  8. Smoothie Recipe Cup


  9. 5 Litre Kombucha Brewing Jar


  10. Budgerigar Salt and Pepper...


    Budgerigar Salt and Pepper Shakers by Quail

  11. Ceramic Parrot Jar


  12. Guinea Pig Salt and Pepper...


    Guinea Pig Salt and Pepper Shakers by Quail

  13. Hand Painted Bulldog Egg Cup by Quail


  14. Hand Painted Eagle Egg Cup by Quail


  15. Hand Painted Grey Cat Egg Cup by Quail


  16. Hand Painted Hedgehog Egg Cup by Quail


  17. Hand Painted Panther Egg Cup by Quail


  18. Hand Painted Rhino Egg Cup by Quail


  19. Hand Painted Scotty Dog Egg...


    Hand Painted Scotty Dog Egg Cup by Quail

  20. Molecular Gastronomy Cocktail Kit