Here you will find a selection of beautiful and unusual floor and ceiling lights. We also have an eclectic range of table lamps from the quirky and glamorous, classic wood to retro anglepoise lights. Ceiling ranges go from coloured glass chandeliers to paper pendant. We are sure you will be able to find the right thing from our fabulous edit!

  1. Porcelain Babushka Nightlight


  2. Pom Pom Star Light


  3. Porcelain Cloud Nightlight


  4. Porcelain Star Nightlight


  5. White Pom Pom Light Up Garland


  6. Copper Wire String Lights

    £7.90 Normal Price: £9.95

  7. Blue Colour Pop String Lights


  8. Small Bunny Nightlight


  9. Multi-Coloured Pom Pom Light Up Garland


  10. Origami Colourful Lightshades


  11. Table Lamp in Dusty Pink