Tableware & Dining

Wonderful eclecitic range of tableware and dining accessories including beautiful ceramics from Broste, classic glasses from Sia, teapots, milk jugs, pitchers, cups from Magpie, saucers, plates, melamine beakers, cake stands and cutlery. Here you will find all from contemporary designs to bohemian print ranges... Hopefully you will be able to find just what you are looking for!

Tableware & Dining
  1. Nordic Sand Salad Bowl by Broste


  2. Nordic Sea Stoneware Teapot by Broste


  3. Nordic Sea Jug by Broste


  4. Large Nordic Sea Bowl by Broste


  5. Extra Large Nordic Sea Bowl by Broste


  6. Nordic Sand Modern Teapot from Broste


  7. Nordic Sea Butter Dish by Broste


  8. Nordic Sea Modern Teapot from Broste


  9. Nordic Sea Rectangular...


    Nordic Sea Rectangular Stoneware Tray Plate by Broste

  10. Nordic Sea Stoneware Oval...


    Nordic Sea Stoneware Oval Platter by Broste

  11. Set of 4 Blue Ceramic Teacups